Time and Price Forecasting

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A word on Geometric Trading: W.D. Gann and H. M. Gartley were two of the most successful traders of our time. Their discovery in the science of geometry in the markets is uncanny upon the forecasting of Time and Price reversals. General Guidelines: Those who care to join us & contribute you are welcome here. However, if you are going to post any charts on this thread, please briefly explain how you…

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Monthly Profit – Daily Trading using SMA

forex ea forex trading system

I am sharing the simplest strategy for stress free day trading, I have ever seen anywhere else Indicators SMA 5,0 BB (Optional) Time Required – Just 15 minutes daily after D1 close when new candle starts. Avoid Lower timeframe charts, even H4 is not reliable. Risk – Do not take positions more than 5% of account value and do not take multiple positions of same currency (Max 2), even setup is 100% correct Sideways pattern, see below (Updated on…

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